The Cosmic Snowflake 2009


Last year we built a frame that held 9 large 36″ snowflakes in space.  A cable was strung between two trees about 25 ft. in the air thru a 1″ galvanized pipe, and then thru a pully down to the ground and into a winch.  The winch enables me to raise and lower the assembly for service/installation.  The first year I used the snowflakes on the roof, but pine needles seem to fall continuously during the holiday season and kept getting caught in the snowflakes.  Now, with the assembly hanging vertically the pine needle issue is gone, and the flakes show up better also.  They appear to be held is space at night as you don’t see the frame much if at all.  This year we have added two Cosmic Ribbons from LOR (Light-O-Rama) which should really be interesting.  Alot of programing still be be done, but the two Cosmic ribbons and a box to house the two controllers  and power supplies to the ribbons are completed.  These controllers are tied into the network that the other 11 controllers use to get commands.

Cosmic Snowflake 2009

Cosmic Snowflake 2009

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