The Christmas Katy Story


Christmas Katy celebrates its ninth year of synchronized lighting in 2015.  As our history goes things will be a little different so you will need to look around to catch all the subtle changes.  We were very pleased with the look that we achieved in 2014 with more programmable LED’s and the new Marty Fan and Bethlehem Star and have made a few new additions for 2015.  We began our installation on November 1st this year and completed 22 days later, have tested and are ready to begin our shows on Thanksgiving night.  When Christmas Katy started the original show used 48 channels of LOR (Light O Rama) controllers.  This has grown over the years and this year ballooned to 6866 channels.  We have 8 Cosmic Ribbons which really accent the show, and these have been augmented by the addition of additional RGB smart ribbon, RGB strings, and RGB modules which run off additional controllers on separate networks.   Each Cosmic Ribbon (from LOR) has 50  RGB LED lights.  These are individually color controlled and together add 1256 channels to our show.  Each LED light must be programmed when to turn on or off, and what color to produce.   The RGB smart lights are on 6 mini arches along the street and add additional pop to the show.  We have also built some RGB modules for each of the 16 posts around the Triple Mega and the 8 posts which border the sidewalk.  New for 2015 will be circular arch over the front door made up of 8 RGB circles that we built this year.  We have also built six RGB Coro Candy Canes.  Our neighbors on the street who joined our show last year are all back as well.  There are 16 songs, or sequences for 2015.  The 32 ft. Triple Mega Tree is back but will not include the red/green spiral tree, but will have a new look.  Other notable features are the “Marty Fan” with 16 Channels and the Cosmic Arches on the left side of the display.  We hope you can visit and enjoy the holiday music and the light synchronization.  We started our shows Thanksgiving night and will continue through Sunday, December 27th.  Sunday through Thursday from 6 PM to 9 PM, Friday and Saturday 6 PM to 10 PM.  Please remember to turn your headlights off, and use your parking lights when you watch the show.  Please no emergency lights flashing .  If you get a chance to park please do not park against the flow of traffic.  Turn your radio to  FM 89.9 for the music.



IMG_0455 IMG_0460

IMG_2163 IMG_2167


2015 Above versus 2012 Below




Christmas Katy 2011


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  1. Could you please post a playlist of your songs? A couple of them are quite interesting. Thanks.

  2. Great show!

  3. Awesome display!!! We appreciate yall so much for this!
    Definitely worth going, over and over!

  4. Is it everynight

  5. Thank you to JD and your wife for your hard work and gorgeous display.
    My husband and I just found you last year and now we look forward every Christmas to coming and admiring this amazing light and music show.
    We were especially grateful this year when you came up to us and said we could get up close and take photos. 🙂
    Everyone should experience this beautiful display of Christmas

  6. This will be our first time coming to see the lights. I wanted to know if we find parking do people walk thru and look at the lights or is it best to drive thru? I found out about the hayride to late they are all booked up so i was looking for the 2nd best option.

    • We suggest you go ahead and drive down Stoughton and see all the houses first. We are on a cul de sac so there is a circle which turns you back around towards our house. At the stop sign in front of our house you can take a right and park on the side if there is a spot. You can then get out and come stand in the driveway to see the lights also and take pictures. There is no parking except in this area to left of our house which has room for about 8 cars at a time. Due to traffic we just can’t have anyone parking elsewhere.

  7. what radio station do I tune in to

  8. Will it go on through 1/2?

  9. Where are those lights located? Article says everything
    Except location

    • The third page in our website is titled Map with Directions-Viewing Tips and a link is on the right side of the main page.

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